Digital Advertising delivers a desirable audience, extended reach, local opportunity and an online audience of frequent users.  As the San Joaquin Valley’s main source of online news and information, is a key part of the daily lives of the people who live and visit here.

We offer a full range of digital advertising and marketing. Choose from various display advertising options on our local sites or through an extended network of websites nationwide.  In partnership with Propel Marketing, we also deliver top-notch digital agency services like web development, search engine marketing and more.

A recent study conducted by NAA underscores the importance of the local newspaper Web site to the members of its community. The study shows local newspaper Web sites are highly valued in terms of content.

  • They are the category most used for online local content.
  • They rank first among all sources for trustworthiness, credibility, and being the most informative place to find local content of all types – including news, information, entertainment, sports, and classifieds content.
  • Local newspaper Web sites are the trusted source for advertising. Consumers consider local newspaper Web sites to be the most trusted source of online advertising, because the advertising on these sites is perceived to be more current, credible, and relevant to them.

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