Online Audience Overview


San Joaquin Media Group’s websites deliver a prime consumer audience.  With over 20,600 average daily unique visitors and more than 2.6 million average monthly page views, San Joaquin Media Group Websites are an attractive market for your advertising message and a perfect compliment to print.

San Joaquin Media Group Websites Visitor Profile

San Joaquin Media Group Websites include:,,,,,

• 45% Male
• 55% Female

• 37% 18-34
• 42% 35-54
• 21% 55+

80% College Educated

Household Income
$47,400 Median HHI

Home Ownership
• 60% Own
• 37% Rent

Source: Omniture, average traffic Jan-Mar, 2012; 2012 San Joaquin Media Group market study; Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo, Inc.

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