Special Sections

The Record offers various special publications throughout the year for you to reach your target audience with topics that include health, local business, home and garden, local student showcases, and more.  Contact your San Joaquin Media Group marketing representative to assist you in creating a plan to meet your business needs.

San Joaquin Media Group Special Sections

CategoryTitleDeadlinePublication Date
Real EstateHomefinder Magazine11/21/20111/1/2012
Women's LifestyleSan Joaquin Woman Magazine11/25/20111/11/2012
Local LifestyleSan Joaquin Lifestyles Magazine12/19/20112/1/2012
CommunityBest of Lodi3/2012
Real EstateHomefinder Magazine1/23/20123/1/2012
Women's LifestyleSan Joaquin Woman Magazine1/27/20123/14/2012
HealthSelf Improvement4/2012
Local LifestyleSan Joaquin Lifestyles Magazine2/27/20124/1/2012
HealthHealthcare Guide5/2012
Real EstateHomefinder Magazine3/19/20125/1/2012
Women's LifestyleSan Joaquin Woman Magazine3/30/20125/9/2012
CommunityFamily Life6/2012
Local LifestyleSan Joaquin Lifestyles Magazine4/30/20126/1/2012
Real EstateHomefinder Magazine5/21/20127/1/2012
Women's LifestyleSan Joaquin Woman Magazine05/16/201207/11/2012
SeniorsEldercare Guide8/2012
Local LifestyleSan Joaquin Lifestyles Magazine6/25/20128/1/2012
ShoppingShop Local9/2012
Women's LifestyleSan Joaquin Woman Magazine07/27/20129/12/2012
Real EstateHomefinder Magazine7/23/20129/1/2012
BusinessBest of San Joaquin10/2012
Local LifestyleSan Joaquin Lifestyles Magazine8/27/201210/1/2012
Real EstateHomefinder Magazine9/24/201211/1/2012
Women's LifestyleSan Joaquin Woman Magazine9/28/201211/14/2012
ShoppingBlack Friday Survival Guide11/2012
Local LifestyleSan Joaquin Lifestyles Magazine10/29/201212/1/2012

Ask your San Joaquin  Media Group consultant for information on special sections that fit your business needs.  Learn more: Getting Started