The Record wants your news! Each day we highlight news submitted by readers in our myRecord feature. If you have information about club projects and activities, school functions, new business openings or coverage of anything else going on in our community that you think should appear in The Record, type up a few paragraphs and send it with a photo to, or use the form below. View our Story– FAQs.



FAQ – Stories

What stories will you publish?

We’re looking for stories and photos that help our readers learn more about what’s going on locally. Content we’ve featured includes a wrap-up of a fun run; coverage of events involving nonprofit organizations; an article about a school activity; a profile of a new Eagle Scout and his father; and photos of two friends who took part in a friendly foot race. We’d also like to hear about your new business openings, celebrations or festivals and see unique photos of people in our community.

What won’t you publish?

We won’t run opinion pieces or previews of local entertainment events in myRecord. Those items should be sent to and, respectively. We also do not publish birthday or anniversary notices or submissions about events or news that are more than six weeks old.

If you’re not sure whether your submission is appropriate for myRecord, send it along and we’ll let you know.

What’s the best way to get you my information?

You can email text to It can be in the body of an e-mail or in an attached document. We prefer that you do not submit information via traditional mail or fax.

Should I submit a photo with my information?

Yes! We love to receive photos to go along with text submissions. Please attach .jpegs to the email in which you are sending your information.

How long should I make my article?

A good guideline is between 200 and 800 words. Any shorter and you may have missed an important detail; any longer and you might lose the interest of a reader.

What is the deadline?

As soon as possible. We like to provide the community with current information, so get us your photos and articles as soon as your event is done. If you have information about an upcoming event, we ask that you submit it at least two weeks to one month in advance of the date the event will be held.

We do not publish submissions about events or news that is more than six weeks old.

Will my submission be edited?

We do edit submissions for space and to make sure content is appropriate. We also reserve the right not to publish. Please be sure to double-check the spellings of all names in your story before you submit it.

Will my submission appear online?

Yes. You can check it out at Some content may appear online only.

I have additional questions. How can I get more information about myRecord?